best language to build mobile apps

The need to program various applications is increasing day after day as a result of rapid technical development and increasing reliance on technical devices to accomplish most of our work, whether on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, or other programmable smart devices. 


In today’s article, we will learn about the best language to build mobile apps that help developers create software applications for different platforms, such as Windows, Android, iOS, or other platforms, which achieve multiple goals such as entertainment, shopping, or other various tasks, and we will discover the most prominent features of each of these languages. 


Best language to build mobile apps for android

When talking about the best language to build mobile apps, determining the best language depends on many factors, including the mobile operating system, so here are the best language to build mobile apps for android;

1-Java language

It is considered the most formal and convenient language for developing Android applications and is generally supported by Android Studio.

2-kotlin language

Kotlin is a Java language that was recently officially introduced, and it is convenient and very similar to Java. While it is considered easier and simpler than Java.

3-C++/C language

The C language and C Plus Plus are supported by Android Studio, and it is considered to be the most convenient and suitable language for programming games, although some consider it to be a somewhat complex and difficult language.

4-C# language – C#

It is considered an alternative language that is easier and simpler for beginners than C or C++, in addition to being supported by Unity and Xamarin.

Best language to build mobile apps ios

There are implicit differences between the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, so here is a group of the best language to build mobile apps ios:

1-HTML5 language

If you are at the beginning of the programming path, learning this language is the first step in the field of programming iPhone applications, as this language supports all web browsers, and is used to design web destinations for phone applications.

2-Objective-c language

It is the programming language that is mainly used in programming iPhone applications. It was chosen by Apple to be its primary programming language.

3-language ipl

It is a programming language whose system is designed to include features that focus on helping programs that perform simple operations to find solutions to problems and is considered the best language in the world.


Such as dynamic memory allocation, data types, recursion, and functions, making it easy to use and collaborative multitasking. The data processing language developed the concept of list processing, but in a different way than assembly language.

4-Swift language

We can say that the Swift language is the best programming language for iPhone applications, as it is considered the latest programming language for smartphone applications. which Apple currently uses to program its applications.

mobile app types

In addition to the best language to build mobile apps. There are different types of mobile app, including the following;


1.Web-based Apps

  • This type of application is considered simple and works on a direct connection to the server over the Internet.
  • In other words, most of the data and information is stored on the server, not on the user’s device.
  • These applications do not require much storage space on the mobile device.
  • The operation of this type of application requires an Internet connection to access the content.
  • Examples of this type of app include the Netflix app and the Google Translate app.

2.Native Apps

  • This type of application is designed to primarily work in a specific operating system, such as iOS for Apple devices or Android.
  • These applications only work on the specific environment and target system.
  • This type of application enables high and reliable performance due to its suitability to the target environment.
  • Examples of this type of application include Siri on iPhone.

3.Hybrid Apps

  • Hybrid mobile apps are an option that combines web and native app technologies.
  • These applications work on multiple platforms and can interact with the web and native systems.
  • Designing and programming this type of application is easier compared to native applications and web applications.
  • However, the performance of this type of application can be less effective compared to web and native applications.
  • Examples of this type of application include the Gmail application and the Instagram application.

Benefits Of Mobile App Development To Drive Growth

Choosing the best language to build mobile apps is one of the important and vital fields in our current era, and the importance of this field can be summarized in the following points:


  • Mobile applications can provide services and products to customers in an easy and efficient way, such as shopping online and booking.


  • Mobile applications can improve the user experience and make their lives easier, such as health and fitness applications, navigation and travel applications.


  • Mobile applications can enhance interaction with customers and improve the relationship between companies and customers, such as social media applications and technical support applications.


  • Mobile applications can provide great economic opportunities for companies and developers, such as generating profits through payment applications, advertisements, and subscription applications.

How To Choose The Right Language For Mobile App Development?

The process of choosing the best language to build mobile apps  depends on a set of important factors and criteria that you must be aware of. These criteria and influencing factors can be summarized in the following items:

First: The nature of the application to be designed and programmed

As we mentioned previously, each application differs in its features and components from other applications. Any language that can succeed in programming an application, for example, an educational one, may not succeed in programming a gaming application. 

Second: The operating system on which the application is to be activated

Operating systems differ in the nature of the programming languages in which they are used, so the nature of the operating system is an important matter that must be taken into consideration when choosing the language to program the application using.

Third: Programmer’s level of professionalism

One of the important things in determining and choosing the programming language for designing smartphone applications is the level of professionalism of the programmer. 


As well as his level of creativity in the programming process, because he is the one who will deal with the programming language and must master it completely and greatly. 

mobile app development tools and platforms

Among the tools used in developing and upgrading phone applications are the following:

1.Android Studio:

One of the development tools for the Android operating system is Android Studio, which is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Android applications, as it provides a powerful set of tools for coding, debugging, and testing Android applications.


Apple’s official integrated development environment (IDE) for developing iOS applications, equipped with an integrated code editor, interface builder, and iOS emulator.

3.Visual Studio (with Xamarin):

A powerful IDE that supports cross-platform development with Xamarin, allowing you to write apps for both iOS and Android using C# and .NET.


Choosing the best language to build mobile apps is the basis for the mobile application industry, and thanks to them there have been many applications; Today, smartphone applications have become one of the basics of life.


We use it on a daily basis to accomplish many tasks. Each of the available operating systems, such as Android and iOS, needs custom programming languages to produce applications that are compatible with it. 


What are some of the best languages for developing apps?


Programming languages are diverse and abundant around the world according to use, function, platform, and size. Among the most important of these languages are: 

  • Javascript.
  • C#.
  • C++ Plus – C++.

How do I choose the programming language for my mobile app project?

Before choosing a programming language, you must define your needs and project. Here are some factors you should take into account:


  • Application type: Are you planning to develop a web application? Mobile phone application? Desktop application?


  • App Features: What features do you want to include in your application?


  • Your budget: Some programming languages require tools and services paid.


  • Your skills and experience: Are you a beginner or a professional programmer?

is python good for app development

If you are starting to learn programming, you may be interested in learning python, because it is easy for anyone to learn. However, it is an extremely powerful language and a good language for creating many different types of applications.

What is the best language for mobile app game development?

C++ is a powerful and versatile programming language that has been used to make some of the most popular mobile games of all time, such as Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, and Candy Crush Saga. C++ is known for its speed and efficiency, making it a good choice for developing high-performance games.